Tuesday, October 4, 2016

5 Important Books Patriots Must Read Before US Elections

We are only a few hours away from the vice-presidential debate; only five days away from the second presidential debate; and only 34 days away from the most important presidential elections ever.

America is at a tipping point struggling to preserve its identity and uniqueness, yet at the same time millions of people are undecided which way to go.

If you have a spare moment and wish to take your eyes off the news, grab an eye-opening  book and relax in the comfort of your porch, if the weather permits, that is.

I found five books that may bring your lemonade into a boiling point. Great research, courage, and intellectual honesty is what distinguishes them from so many other recently published political books. They are definitely worth reading especially if you are still undecided.

Remember, this November is not about the future of any of the presidential candidates. It is about yours. Vote, but choose wisely.

Dominique Allmon


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